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Father and daughter on a deer hunt in the Texas Hill Country's Wishbone Game Ranch. Hunt deer like this at the Wishbone Game Ranch Deer Hunting in the Texas Hill Country on the Wishbone Game Ranch



Wishbone Game Ranch

The Wishbone Game ranch is located in the scenic Hill Country on the Mason county, McCulloch county line just off of hi way 87 between Brady and Mason, Texas. Founded in the 1870s by William Surree Kidd, the ranch has passed through five generations of the family to his great-great grandson, Dan Hall.

A wise man once said "You never really own the land.... you are blessed to be called by God as it's steward while you live on this earth." With this in mind we acquired Scientific Breeder License # 2250 from the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife ( in January of 2005.

very buck that was born in our breeding operation since the summer of 2005 was released as yearlings onto our ranch.  These are not pen raised deer that were released the month before hunting season. They have been in the pasture since they were 9 months old.  The 2011 deer season is the first year that we are offering hunts. As you can see from the pictures of our breeding bucks, there are some great deer in our pastures.

The Wishbone ranch is located 14 miles north of Mason and 14 miles south of Brady on Highway 87. Our gate is on the west side of the highway. The entrance is white pipe with red cultivator wheels. The gate will be shut, but should be unlocked. If not then call the ranch at 512-751-2015 and we will get you in.
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Dan Hall Sr with Dr. Seth Jones DVM
Whitetail Deer Hunting in the Texas Hill Country Click here to see full sized image

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